Therapy and Rehabilitation Center

therapy-and-rehabThe therapy and rehabilitation center is staffed by  mothers of children with disabilities who have been trained in various treatment modalities. The center  works like a co-op. Some families drop their child off at the rehab center for  services, pay a small fee and go to work. While the child is at the Hub they  receive therapy throughout the day and play in the day care center with other  local children in between therapy sessions. Some families bring their child to  the center to receive services and work at the Hub in the sewing center or  cyber cafe on the Hub’s campus to help generate income for the Hub while  therapists work with their child.

Other families’ children receive services while they work in  the kitchen making lunch for all of the  children that use the center throughout the day. Still other families work as  therapy aides in the rehab center while their children receive services. The  majority of the Hub’s funding is generated through donations. Fees for children  to receive services are based on the family’s ability to pay and their ability  to work at the Hub.

team15-katieoThe Hub currently houses an occupational therapy, speech and psychology room where children receive 1:1 therapy, a sensory integration room, electro-stimulation room, hippotherapy arena, therapy pool, dormitories for families of kids with disabilities to stay and learn treatment techniques, wheelchair repair and rehurbishing shop, laundromat for youth with disabilities to learn work skills, sewing center, cyber cafe and much more… we’re growing every day!

Teams of student therapists visit the facility often to take part in a cross-cultural therapeutic exchange of techniques and ideas. The students, therapists and children all benefit from this interaction.

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