Russ Miller, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Teams 4, 9, 10, 15 & 16

“I have been on trips with Push International many times. It always   amazes me to see the gratitude that the people we serve share with us.  I   am a much better person after I return from the trip.  I set out to   serve the people and always find that I am the one being served. When   you get the chance to get on your knees in front of a person who is   thought of as not significant in their culture, see the smiles and joy   in their face, while wiping the tears from your own, you truely see a   miracle. The big difference that i find with Push International is these   many miracles. Push International always puts relationship first. Push   builds into the community and doesn’t just hold events.  Push makes   promises to the people and keeps them by returning to serve again and   again.  Family is the best word I can think of.  Push is part of the   family with the people they serve and I found that having served with   Push that I am part of the family too.”

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