Our Mission

Our Mission


Push International is a non-profit humanitarian organization whose mission is to provide mobility and facilitate sustainable development in the disabled community inside the countries where we work.

Our Philosophy

Push International desires to give wheelchairs to people with disabilities who are the poorest of the poor and have no means of otherwise obtaining a wheelchair with no strings attached. We do not consider political, religion, gender or other conditions. If you are disabled and have no means by which to purchase a wheelchair we will give you one without any conditions.

We personally deliver our wheelchairs to people in need making sure that each individual is seated in a wheelchair that will best meet their needs. We have Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Prosthetists, Special Education teachers, translators and other volunteer professionals accompany many of our new volunteers during our wheelchair distributions and outreaches to make sure that individuals receive the best care possible.

Volunteers with no previous experience working with people with disabilities need not be nervous to join us on a distribution. Our staff will teach you everything you will need to know to assist in the seating of someone with a disability. Please do not feel discouraged to participate in an outreach or wheelchair distribution because of your inexperience; everyone was inexperienced at one time.

After recipients have been properly seated in their wheelchairs Push International continues to serve the disabled. We host wheelchair maneuvering skills clinics, teach personal care skills, education, job skills, sports, and instill a sense of pride and unity in the disabled community in the countries where we work.

We have decided to narrow our focus in the world and work deeper in the communities that we serve. Instead of traveling to a vast number of countries we believe that is extremely important to equip our wheelchair recipients with the daily life skills they need to make the fullest use of their new found mobility.