Jeff Lair, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Jeff Lair

Jeff Lair – Chairman of the Board of Directors

My name is Jeff Lair and I am Bree’s father. My wife Sheila and I were on a 20th Anniversary trip to Mazatlan when we met Steve Oliver and learned of his activities in Mexico. Before our Anniversary trip was over, Sheila & I were already helping Steve, all of the Mexican supporters and part of the disabled community there. We loved knowing that we were making a positive difference with our efforts.

In the December following September 11, 2001, we decided to take our three children back to Mexico on a week-long working mission to distribute wheelchairs and other mobility aids. This event changed all of our lives.

Upon returning to our Seattle area home our family stepped up our local collection efforts and became one of the largest private collector-locations for donated wheelchairs in the Pacific Northwest. THAT was not our goal. Our goal was then – and remains now – TO PUT PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES IN NEED INTO WHEELCHAIRS! and to invite the most positive possibilities for quality of life enhancements that we can manage to the greatest number of people we can. Collecting and distributing wheelchairs was, for us, just a means to that end.

Since 2001 our oldest daughter Bree has reached out beyond where the rest of the family could to become very deeply involved with disabled communities in a number of places in the world. Her brother Scott and sister Shannon continue to assist Sheila and I to collect chairs and – NOW – to focus on evolving and broadening the mission TO PUT DISABLED PEOPLE IN NEED INTO WHEELCHAIRS! and TO IMPLANT SUSTAINABILITY for the people whom we serve and whom we have come to cherish.jeff-l-in-the-field