Horse Therapy aka Hippotherapy

horse-therapyHorse therapy takes place at the Hub 5 days per week. Children from the Hub and the local community take turns riding a horse a half an hour session each day. The therapy is designed to help improve the child’s physical abilities. The child feels the horse’s movements and simulates different movements such as crawling or walking for the child. The idea is that if the child’s body can learn and feel the movements that are normal for a typical developing child, then their body will make new connections from the brain to the muscles and become more able to have normal bodily motions. The therapy is used world wide and has been extremely effective for many children at the Hub. Children from the local community pay a small fee if they can to receive the therapy. Children who receive other therapy services at the Hub ride free of charge.

There are many other projects that we hope to add as the Hub grows but for now we are accomplishing a great deal with the limited resources that we have. As with all projects, we grow one step at a time and we have a tremendous group of people working at the Hub daily to improve the lives of the children and adults who use the Hub as a lifeline for advancing in their own life.