Q: Are there other organizations already doing what you are doing?

A: Yes, but our focus on sustainability makes us different from other organizations that also distribute wheelchairs. There are other groups that deliver wheelchairs to people with disabilities abroad like we do. We acknowledge and applaud the work that is being done.

A: The need of the disabled is so large that we don’t see others as competition but rather as helpers. We are happy that many organizations desire to donate wheelchairs in the world.

Q: Why is sustainability so important to Push International?

A: Our goal is not to drop donated mobility aids into a country and then go back home leaving little or no support behind us. Our extensive in-field experience confirms that there is not only a real need for personal mobility but it is fundamental and essential to focus on ongoing needs after new-found mobility enters the life of an individual, a family and a community. We focus on sustainability to continue to meet these fundamental needs, to strengthen life-skills and to improve integration and employability.

We create an in-community Hub to serve the on-going needs of these communities in a real and sustainable way.

Q: What is a Hub?

A: A Hub is an in-country community center for the disabled and their families where practical daily life skills can be obtained, achieved and improved upon.

A Hub can also contain a wheelchair repair and maintenance shop, a job-skills co-op / job-training component, an educational classroom, a rehabilitation center, and a dormitory where people can come to learn about disability advocacy issues. In the future, we plan to add sports facilities where disabled people can meet for recreation and to enjoy the freedom of their new mobility even more.
To learn more about our daily Hub activities or to see a video of our campus, please see the Mazatlan, Mexico page.

Q: How can you be doing all of these things despite being a relatively new organization?

A: The co-founders of Push International have had hands-on experience for nearly a decade in seating and working with people with disabilities in many countries all around the world. Although the organization is new, the wealth of experience our staff has gained over the years allows us to hit the ground running and to build on earlier experiences with contacts to organizations and individuals in the countries we serve.

The ideas, concepts and philosophy of Push International have been developed over many years and are based on our extensive experience in working with people with disabilities.

Q: Where do you get your wheelchairs?

A: We get most of our wheelchairs from individuals across North America.
See wheelchair collections.

Q: How much does it cost to sponsor a wheelchair cost?

A: To collect, refurbish, transport and distribute a wheelchair costs approximately $150.00 USD. You can also sponsor a brand new children’s wheelchair for $300.00 Please see the wheelchair sponsorship page for more information.

Q: How much does it cost to sponsor a walker or crutches?

A: It costs approximately $30.00 to sponsor a walker and $20.00 to sponsor a pair of crutches. Please see the wheelchair sponsorship page for more information.

Q: How can I attend a wheelchair distribution?

A: Please see our Volunteer in Mexico page for more information.

Q: Who can attend a wheelchair distribution?

Any volunteer with a willing and open heart can attend a wheelchair distribution. Youth groups, sports teams, Boys and Girl Scouts, senior organizations, medical association groups, rotary clubs, families, friends or other types of groups come to work and gain first hand experience positively impacting the lives of the international disabled community at a Push International Hub. Please see our Volunteer in Mexico page for more information

Q: Is there a minimum age requirement for volunteers?

We do not have a minimum age requirement for volunteers because no two people of the same age have the same maturity level. We do require that any volunteer who is under the age of 14 be accompanied by a family member or be under another adult team member’s supervision. It is common for families to attend a distribution together.

Q: What can I expect at a wheelchair distribution?

Each week Push International hosts a different team of volunteers. During that week the team has the opportunity to participate in at least two days of wheelchair distribution, work side by side with a local community based group, participate in clothing distributions, work with children with disabilities in our local rehabilitation center, assist in equestrian therapy or work on construction projects at the Push International Hub. Activities will vary due to the interest or focus of the group but will always include at least two days of wheelchair distribution. Please have your group leader contact Jeff Musgrave to explore the specific interests of your team to design a focused and exciting week for you. Please see our Volunteer in Mexico page for more information

Q: Where will I be staying if I attend a wheelchair distribution?

Push International shares a secure campus in Mazatlan, Mexico with Padres y Compadres. You will be staying in our onsite dormitories with other volunteer team members in a “camp style” bunk bed arrangement. To see a video of where you will be staying during a distribution in Mazatlan, Mexico, please see our Volunteer in Mexico page for more information.

Q: How can I help?

A: Tax-deductible donations can be directed to Push International at:
14241 NE Woodinville- Duvall Rd #424
Woodinville, WA 98072.

A: Collect mobility aids in your area. (see equipment collections)

A: Sponsor a wheelchair.

A: Sponsor or host a fundraiser.

A: Attend a wheelchair distribution.

A: Ask your local religious, fraternal organization or business association to get involved in the sponsorship, collection or purchase of wheelchairs for the disabled.

A: Corporate Sponsorship.

A: Some corporations will match their employee’s tax-deducible donations. This will double the effect of your personal donation.

A: Tell others about Push International.