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Donate now to help bring mobility equipment and therapy services to underprivileged families in Mazatlan Mexico!

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Wheelchair Collections

We accept equipment donations of new and used wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes, therapy related equipment such as mats, swings, therabands, and other related mobility equipment.

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Attend a Trip

Volunteering in Mexico usually  means attending a wheelchair distribution. A team of 10 or more volunteers is  constructed from a group of friends, family members, students, sports teams, Rotary  Club members, church groups* or any other type of group

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A Push International outreach is an eye opening, life changing experience…

I have been on trips with Push International many times. It always   amazes me to see the gratitude that the people we serve share with us.  I   am a much better person after I return from the trip.  I set out to   serve the people and always find that I am the one being served. When   you get the chance to get on your knees in front of a person who is   thought of as not significant in their culture, see the smiles and joy   in their face, while wiping the tears from your own, you truely see a   miracle. The big difference that i find with Push International is these   many miracles. Push International always puts relationship first. Push   builds into the community and doesn’t just hold events.  Push makes   promises to the people and keeps them by returning to serve again and   again.  Family is the best word I can think of.  Push is part of the   family with the people they serve and I found that having served with   Push that I am part of the family too.

Russ Miller

Colorado Springs, Colorado, Teams 4, 9, 10, 15 & 16

Another team member and I worked on fitting a fourteen-year-old girl   into a chair while on a distribution in Mazatlan. We worked on this   chair and with this family for over an hour and a half. We talked to the   family to learn their story and had to make adjustments and get   different pieces to make the chair work for their daughter and their   lifestyle. And all our hard work was more than worth it when the girl’s   mother thanked us in Spanish with tears in her eyes. The work you do   down there changes the lives of not only the disabled and their families   but also your own. This trip and this organization taught me to   appreciate people of different cultures and from different walks of   life.

Shannon Lair

Woodinville, Washington, Team 4 & Team 9

Anything I could say   about my trip to Mazatlan would be an understatement. The experience   itself was invaluable. Push International has developed a program for   their volunteers that allows them to immerse themselves into the   culture of the people they are helping, while giving them the chance to   learn without boundaries. The environment they have created is conducive   to new ideas and self-discovery, something that is hard to find in a   clinical setting in the United States. As volunteers, we were challenged   to solve problems that we had not faced before and work as a team to   get the job done. Unbreakable bonds were formed between team members and the families who   came into our lives through this mission, and in the end, everyone left   with a little more hope than they had come with.

Jenna Jarecki

MOTS, University of Indianapolis

“When you support Push International, you make an unbelievable difference in the life of a person with disability, their family and their community…”

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